Thank you for the private messages about Doris .

For those who don’t know Doris (Grape Short) is out of Angara who won six of her 19 races in her career, winning $1,071,344 and Nathanial is her sire (Also sire to the amazing Enable).

Doris retired at 3 years old and we bought her to breed with and she enjoyed most of last year in the paddocks , companion to Passionate Love (Peanut to us)

Doris had an accident whilst in the paddock in December. We are not sure what happened but something went through her frog (hoof), through the tendon and damaged her bone. She had surgery on New Year’s Eve and after 2 weeks at the vets has been back with us, having her dressing changed every other day.

She has lost lots of weight, hates been in the box but is now recovering well and back to her old tricks which include;

  • Stealing anything left for her to play with – brushes, bandages, what ever she can find in your pocket
  • Neighing at the top of her voice every time Peanut is not in her immediate view
  • Attempting to kick the dog (Alfie) when she is out of the box and he is near her

Now she is on the mend we will keep her growing fan club updated on her progress but …please be assured that Let’s Get Racing is committed to looking after our horses for the long term and no expense will be spared getting her back to her zany self.

Please do read our blogs for updates on all the horses