Who can be a member?

Anyone 18 years or over. All we ask is that our members understand that this is an inclusive club and we want and encourage diversity in our owners. 

What does it cost?

One lease share costs £65 for a year and there are no additional fees but lots of additional benefits. The cost covers a 12 month lease share of Risaalaat and this commences as soon as your payment is made and the funds cleared into our account.

This is a gift for someone else, what do I do?

Simples! When you complete your purchase at the checkout complete the boxes that indicate this is a gift for someone else. They will own the lease, receive any prize money and receive all invites to race days and events.

What will I get when I buy a share?

Your lease of 12 months will aim to provide a huge amount of fun and a committed group of like-minded people to go racing with plus:

  1. Stable visits to watch your horse train
  2. The possibility of access to the owners’ and trainers’ areas and parade ring on her race days
  3. Trainer updates and insights
  4. Weekly news on your horse
  5. Exclusive “Let’s Get Racing” membership keyring card
  6. Let’s Get Racing owners badge (please wear with pride!)
  7. Photo postcard of your horse and membership details
  8. Access to the friendliest and most inclusive horse racing club in Britain

What happens to prize money?

We all love a bit or wonga! You will receive the proportion of the prize money linked to your share. There are 2000 lease shares available in Risaalaat and your £65 purchase cost buys one lease share for 12 months. We only distribute prize money at specific points during the year and those points are at Let’s Get Racing’s discretion.
It is important to remember that although all races run in the U.K. have prize money available (bar one run at Newmarket racecourse called the “Wood Ditton”), we recommend you treat your lease as 12 months of entertainment and fun rather than as an opportunity to make money. Racehorses are living creatures and we cannot guarantee that Risaalaat will perform sufficiently well enough to win races or to even make a racecourse appearance. However, our trainer will do their best to bring you fun and enjoyment.

What happens to the horse after racing?

We mostly buy fillies who race for a 2 or 3 years and then, we hope, they become broodmares producing the next winners for Let’s Get Racing. If that can’t happen, we re-train and re-home our horses so that they can enjoy second careers and long and happy lives. As part of this commitment a percentage  of your lease fees are donated to organisations connected to the retraining of racehorses.

How do I renew?

Its dead easy! You renew through the website. We’ll send you a little email reminder to prompt you. 

I’m a member but need to change my address, email address… How do I do that?

All your details can be changed in the my members area on the website. Please note the share you purchase is non-transferable, non-cancellable and cannot be sub-divided.

Who runs Let’s Get Racing?

Dawn, Maria and Russell. Three friends who love horses, love racing and want to enable new people to experience the joy of horse racing.

Can I sell my share or transfer it to someone else?

Your one off payment is for a 12 month lease and is the share you purchase is non-transferable, non-cancellable and cannot be sub-divided.

Can I cancel my lease?

Absolutely, please just email us. There will be no reimbursement of the £65 membership lease fees should you wish to terminate the 12-month agreement. Each share is non-refundable