“I have been racing many times in my life but last night topped the lot !!! Brilliant.”
“I have never owned a racehorse and no idea how much fun it would be. None of my mates are into horse racing but they are now!
Going racing and owning a horse was so different to just going with the crowd
I am meeting new friends, I OWN a race horse – it was the best present I have received and can’t wait to see Tipperary Tiger on the track – I bought a share in him!
Thanks to you all and see you all soon …..virtually”
“Thank you for your entertainment last night it was great and loved being back on the track. Both me and mark enjoyed the night so much.”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to go and see Risaalaat race today, it was such an exciting and brilliant experience. Although the racecourse seems eerie without the crowds, it was still fun seeing live racing.”