Shadwell is a huge breeding operation owned by the ruling family in Dubai. They use the finest stallions and mares and only retain the very best performers on the track to breed from. Consequently, they are always selling horse and have a lot of people who are interested in buying them.

Mark and Russ went to see four possibles from their lines of stabled horses. Risaalaat (a nice looking filly who had raced and won in Ireland this season), Monafasah (a winner in the UK but over long distances), Jomrok (a maiden – a horse that has not won a race – who had run well in the UK) and Aryaaf (a winning sprinter).

Risaalaat was in the sale ring, the bidding started quite slowly, Mark and Russ’ looked at each other. “Put your hand up, Russ!” Russ’s had rising as soon as anyone else bid in attempt to make them think you’ll match them no matter what they bid. It seemed to go on for an age but then it dawned on us… we’d had the last bid. “Sold to the man in blue!”

We’d done it! Risaalaat was ours… well nearly. Its standard to check a horse breathes well before committing to the purchase. She passed with flying colours!!

Welcome to Let’s Get Racing, Rizzo, Risaalaat’s new nickname!

Lease shares will be available from next week at £65 for the year – just in time for Christmas.